Welcome to Brooklyn.

Introducing the Brooklyn Aces, the pride of BK and New York City as the borough’s very own Major League Pickleball Team. Co-owned by Rich Kleiman, basketball legend Kevin Durant, Grammy-winning artist Drake, actor and entrepreneur Michael B. Jordan, and a stellar lineup of other owners, the Aces compete in MLP’s Premier League. As part of the most thrilling and fiercely competitive team-based pickleball league in the United States, the Brooklyn Aces are set to take the sport to exhilarating new heights and foster an exciting community in its hometown.

Upcoming Schedule

Upcoming Events

Sept. 21-24 — Atlanta, GA — Life Time Peachtree Corners

Nov. 2-5 – Thousand Oaks, CA — Sherwood Country Club

Dec. 7-12 — San Clemente, CA— Life Time Rancho San Clemente

Season Two Championship: Tuesday night, December 12

Meet the Team

Hometown: Yucaipa, CA
Age: 17

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Age: 28

Hometown: Grand Haven, MI
Age: 35

Hometown: Vineyard, UT
Age: 31


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